Cookies Policy

Wide information under Prov. n.229 / 2014 Data Protection Authority and ss. mm. ii, in Official Gazette June 3, 2014

Definition and function of cookies

A cookie is a small file sent from a website which is stored by the user’s web browser while he is using an Internet site. Cookies last while you have your internet browser open (Session Cookies) and once you close your browser they’re automatically deleted from your device. There are also Persistent Cookies, which remain longer on your device, for the duration of each specific cookie, and will be automatically deleted at the end of their "lifetime”. When viewing or opening links cookies are stored in a precise location of the device (depending on the original settings of the browser). Cookies work in combination with the content of the website and normally help to improve the usability and the experience on your website. Cookies allow the Brave s.c. to know the contents displayed, the choices selected and each use of the Site. The information obtained refers to the number of pages visited, the language, the place from which the user logs on, the number of new users and the frequency and repetition of visits, the duration of the visit, the browser or the device through which the user connects.

Different types of Cookies

In compliance with the legislative decree of 8 May 2014 the Guarantor identifies two main categories of Cookies:

Technical Cookies

It is normally transmitted cookie in person by the manager of the site for purpose related to the smooth and proper functioning of the site. This family of cookies includes:

  •  Cookies navigation (or session)

These cookies are necessary to ensure the efficient use of the website and its services allowing, for example, to authenticate to restricted areas or to make a purchase.

  • Functional Cookies

While not essential, the Cookies enhance the functionality of the site as they allow the user to make choices about some aspects of the persistent navigation (eg select the language or store some favorite products in an ecommerce).

  • Cookies Analytics (or statistical)

These are considered " Technical Cookies " and are used directly by the site manager to collect information , in aggregate form, on the number of users and how they visit the site.

Cookies Profiling

"They are aimed at creating profiles user and are used in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences shown by the same part of surfing the net".


Another distinction concerns the active subject, or one who proceeds to broadcast material of cookies on your computer. In this sense, a distinction is made between the so-called first party cookies and third-party:

  • First-Party Cookies (first-party cookies), which are transmitted directly to the browser’s user from the site visited;

  • Third-Party Cookies (third-party cookies) or cookies set by a website other than the one that the user is visiting. This is because each site can be present elements (images, maps, sounds, specific links to web pages in other domains, etc.) that reside on servers other than the site visited. The Persistent Cookies are often third-party cookies.

Used Cookies

This website uses technical cookies including third parties. These are cookies required for navigation as they allow the site to function properly. They include cookies that enable the creation of a personal account, the log in, the visualisation of contents in the language of your choice for each access, recognizing country from which the user connects (and remembering in the future access this setting) and orders management.These cookies are essential for the functioning of the Site and if you choose to deactivate them, your browsing experience may be impaired. This category also includes analytical cookies, which allow, through other computer systems, statistical analysis of user’s navigation on the site, to understand how users use our website. They include, for example, cookies that record the number of clicks made on a page of the site and the number of pages visited by users. These analyses are made on aggregated and anonymous data for statistical purposes. They are not essential for the functioning of the site but since they are anonymous don’t impair the interests of the data owners.
The third-party cookies are used to integrate some common functionality of the leading social media and provide the Site, such as icons and preferences expressed in social networks. An example are the "social plugin" for Facebook, Twitter, Google+. It is part of the page visited directly generated by these sites and integrated into site page host. The most common use of social plugin is aimed at sharing content on social networks. The presence of these plugins involves the transmission of cookies to and from all sites operated by third parties. The management of the information collected by "third parties" shall be governed by the relevant information which please refer. To ensure greater transparency and convenience, are shown below the web addresses of different information and ways to manage cookies:

Facebook information:

Twitter information:

Google+ information:

These cookies do not require the prior consent of the User to be installed and used. The IP addresses of visitors are anonymized and the data collected is not used for profiling and/or to send targeted advertisements. For this reason there is no obligation to notify Authority for the processing of personal data pursuant to art. 163 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (Data Protection Code).

Managing cookies

The Permission to use cookies is provided by closing the appropriate banner (click on the OK button), through another area of the site or selecting an item of the same (such as an image or a link). The user can manage at any time your preferences for cookies directly from within their browser. Generally, working on browser settings, almost all computers allow complete disconnection of cookies. Attention, their complete deactivation may preclude many features, or the proper navigation or viewing of the Site. Each browser has different settings for disabling cookies; below you will find the instruction for common browsers:

  • Firefox from

  • Chrome from

  • Explorer from

  • Safari from

  • Opera from

Processing of personal data

The data are processed exclusively for the purposes for which they were collected, as indicated below:

  1. manage orders and carry out related activities (eg communications with the customer about order status, responses to its requests for information, payment processing, etc.);

  2. manage the user accounts in case of registration on the Site to enjoy the services;

The release of the data for the purposes referred to in points n. 1 and 2 above is necessary to carry out the sale and delivery of products purchased on the Site or for user registration.

Further information about the processing of personal data may be found in in the "Privacy Policy" in the footer section of the website.